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spatter_spatter in csi100

Challenge - Dog

I don't know why this particular prompt got me going - I'm not a dog person at all! But here you have them; THREE drabbles from a single challenge!

Challenge: Dog
Rating: Gen
Pairing: Grissom/Sara
Warnings: None – Fluff
Title: Walking the Dog in Public

“I’m surprised that you aren’t a cat person,” Sara said as she walked with Grissom and his dog, Chaplin. It was a cool evening and Chap was happy to go slowly and stick his nose into everything.

Grissom gave her a sidelong smirk and replied, “There are many things about me left to surprise you.”

She sneered playfully back at him. “You just love being an enigma, don’t you?”

“All the better to engage you with, my dear.”

“I can think of a better way to engage me.” Sara teased.

Grissom got serious. “You want a ring?”

“Yeah...I do.”

Challenge: Dog
Rating: Teen for innuendo
Pairing: Warrick/Catherine
Warnings: Just some inadvertent sexual suggestion between consenting adults
Title: Red-Hot Dog

“These things are disgusting, but sometimes they really hit the spot, you know?” asked Catherine, biting into the foot-long she’d just slathered with condiments.

Warrick practically goggled at the sight, but chewed his bite of mustard-daubed Polish sausage before answering. “I never figured you for a hot dog fan, though. Or a baseball fan, for that matter.”

Catherine asked around a mouthful, “Why not?”

“Well, with a gorgeous body like yours...” He hesitated in mid-sentence. “What?”

She blushed and tried not to choke. “I meant, why would you think I don’t like baseball...”

Suddenly, Catherine wasn’t the only one blushing.

Challenge: Dog
Rating: Gen
Pairing: Sophia/Brass
Warnings: None - Fluff
Title: You Dog, You!

Smiling, Sophia gave Brass a card. “Happy Birthday, Jim.” It had a picture of a very sad-eyed bloodhound puppy. “I saw it and thought of you.”

Brass looked about to chuckle, but he didn’t actually. “Thanks. You know, I had one of these when I was a kid. Her name was Honey. She’d slip her collar every time we went to the park. You should’ve seen the looks I’d get, calling for my ‘HONEY!’ up and down the block when I was only six.”

“Is that a true story?” Sophia looked suspicious.

He grinned. “Honey, would I lie to you?”


I loved all of them! Especially Brass/Sophia! Awww!
Ooooh nice use of "dog" for Warrick/Catherine ;-)