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Challenge - Pancakes

Challenge: Pancakes
Rating: PG for strong sexual suggestion
Pairing: Catherine/Warrick
Warnings: No real sex, but the suggestion of it is strong.
Title: Flipping and Topping

“Why do you smell like breakfast?” asked Warrick, taking another deep sniff in Catherine’s direction.

She couldn’t resist fluffing her home-style scented hair a little, for his benefit. “My case was a murder by spatula at Denny’s. I was in that kitchen for five straight hours.”

Warrick wasn’t thinking when he said, “Well, you’d better take a shower, quick, because I’m so hungry right now that I could eat you up,” but his mind caught up with his mouth just in time for him to blush.

Without missing a beat, Catherine shot back, “Promise?”

A while later, he said, “Yum.”


hahaha, sweet.
Yum indeed ;-)
Y hello thar! And thanks!